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A Complete Shortcuts To Internet Millions Review

Guest Author: CJ

Hey Everyone

3d people and symbol InternetImage by 姒儿喵喵 via FlickrI'm CJ, and I've tried Shortcuts To Internet Millions. I'm guessing that like me, you were probably watching TV one day, and came across one of the Shortcuts To Internet Millions infomercials and like me, got really excited after watching. But regardless of how great Shortcuts To Internet Millions seems, the bottom line is that I didn't like it and a lot of people would call it something like shortcuts to internet millions scam and I know that personally, I think Jeff Paul's Shortcuts To Internet Millions Sucks. Well before I go into detail, If you want to make some real money, without any risks, check out this Free 7-Day Guide To Making Money Online. 

The Problem With The Program Is...

Basically when you get Jeff Paul's Shortcuts To Internet Millions you get pre-made businesses that are supposed to make money for you while you pretty much just sit back and relax. Sounds great, right? Well take a second and think about this, if everyone is getting the same businesses, how do you expect anyone to make money from them by just sitting back and relaxing. To make money using the businesses you get with Shortcuts To Internet Millions, You would have to do a lot more than just sit back and wait for the programs to make money for you. You would have to have previous experience making money from similar businesses so that you could set yourself apart from the competitors, but last time I checked, Jeff Paul's Shortcuts To Internet Millions targets people who need a shortcut to internet millions and aren't already making a lot of money. So yeah, not that great. 

But The Success Stories In The Infomercial?

Maybe, it's just me, but everyone in the Shortcuts To Internet Millions infomercial except for Jeff Paul, looks like a paid actor to me after properly thinking about things and watching the infomercial another time. But it's just so easy to get caught up in the excitement that Shortcuts To Internet Millions brings to you when you're watching it and imagining the possibility of making millions. But overall, I would recommend to keep that in kind if you ever catch yourself re-watching the Shortcuts To Internet Millions infomercial (millionaires club).

Wordle Cloud of the Internet Marketing Blog - ...Image by DavidErickson via Flic  Customer Support Offered...

Well I don't think that the Customer Support That comes with Shortcuts To Internet Millions works the way it should. In my opinion I think that at one point, it would have been great but it is extremely hard to get a hold of the customer support team and when you do, they're not much help. I think that the amount of people who were signing up and the amount of people needing customer support for Shortcuts To Internet Millions increased but the amount of customer service staff didn't. 
Really Annoying In General

It's incredibly annoying how it seems like the most effort was put into making the Shortcut To Internet Millions infomercial so that more people would spend there money. The reason that this is so annoying is because there is so much more that could be done to the actual Shortcuts To Internet Millions program itself so that more people could actually find what they were looking for, which is success and financial freedom. But hey, it's not my program. 

What Are My Last Words?

Well I obviously don't like Shortcuts To Internet Millions so I'm not going to recommend it. But if you do end up spending your money on the program just be prepared to end up disappointed because that very well might be the case. Good luck. 

About the Author 

CJ started working on the internet during his years in high school and quickly became an internet prodigy after joining Wealthy Affiliate, and now has multiple websites of his online. Check out his Wealthy Affiliate Review page, it's definitely something worth looking at.

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How to become Millionaires

Guest Author: Wallace

1) Millionaires always have the vision at the end of the mind: all millionaires see what they want at the end of the mind and this makes it easier for them when it comes to bringing to life what they have already materialized. Their vision is already at the end of the mind and they work towards that and not anything else so we should also do the same. Materializing our dreams is very easy; it’s only picturing what we want. Materializing one’s dreams motivates and assures the person of what he wants.

Comparison Search Engines: Average Monthly Tra...Image by Matthieu Dejardins, eCommerce Activist via Flickr2) Millionaires don’t sell what they have, they sell what people need: there is a great difference between millionaires and the common person, why do you have to give a consumer what he already has or what he doesn’t need? Millionaires examine their opportunities very carefully so that they can be able to beat competition that is all over. Millionaires sell goods or services that the consumers really need and cannot do without. Look for opportunities that will generate income even if the country is not doing well economically. Look for necessities.

3) Millionaires always act as if it is impossible to fail: millionaires’ already have it in their minds that they are not failures. Millionaires are well prepared and ready to become millionaires so in everything that they do, they always make sure that they are prepared to be winners and the thoughts make them winners. Winning is not an option it is why they go into the race in the first place so that they can be winners.

4) Millionaires know how to defend what they believe: millionaires are the first supporters of their opinions and they always think that their opinions are the right ones before they consult anybody else. Become a supporter of your own opinion because if you don’t believe in your own opinion then nobody else will believe in it. Have courage in your thoughts and you will go far. Be sure that whatever you are doing feels right according to you and then throw it to the crowd and you will go far. Defend what you believe in.

5) Millionaires treat other people like first class people: the worst mistake you can ever make in this world is treating other people like second class people. Pride lifts us up only to let us down so you should be very careful the way you treat others. We were brought to this world without anything, all that we have is provided by God and He can as well take it away and give it to the one who doesn’t have. Make sure that you do well to people and whatever you do to others will be done to you ten times more. Givers are gainers.

6) Millionaires are never afraid of doing what they do best: each one of us is born with a talent; there is what I can do best. You can always use your talent to make money so never be afraid of doing what you do best. People might criticize you but you are your own man. You are the one who knows what you do best and why you do it. Build on that and make sure that you do it to your level best and it will take you to places that you have never even dreamed of.
7) Millionaires always become what they think: most people don’t know that their thoughts are the core of everything that they are, whatever one brings into reality must have had it as a thought before that. They first of all materialize it in the mind and later they set out to get it. Millionaires begin by knowing what they want; you have to materialize your dream so that you can make it to come true.

8) Millionaires never let their limiting beliefs kill their dreams: dreams are like eggs, they can be easily broken and can rot very fast too if they are contaminated by anything so they have to be taken care of pretty well. We all have dreams and the worst thing that can ever happen to them is to destroy them. Dreams are the ones who make us who we are and without them we are unable to materialize them. If you are unable to materialize your dreams then your outcome will as well be empty or not what you wanted. Never let anything kill your dreams because dreams are there to be brought into reality. Keep them safe and don’t let anybody bring them down.

9) Millionaires stay away from those small minds that always try to lower their ambitions: ambitions are the same as dreams, if you don’t take care of them they might as well be crashed by those people who don’t want you to grow. Small minds think small and what they like most is similar thoughts, they can do anything to make sure that they limit your thoughts so that you can be of the same kind so be aware of those minds that come to limit yours.

opportunity mapImage by Katiekills via Flickr
10) Millionaires make sure that their work is of good quality so that they can reduce quality rework: millionaires make sure that whatever they do come out the best so that they don’t have to go back there again and do the same thing. They might take long to finish their work but this adds up to good quality work and they avoid repeating what they have already done. Make sure that whatever you do, you do it to your best level so that you can avoid repeating it. Repeating it just wastes time and resources.

11) Millionaires think from their dreams and not of their dreams: thinking from your dreams is very different from thinking of your dreams though both of them are advantageous to the millionaires. Millionaires think in terms of a dream that has already come true, they budget for what they don’t have as if it’s going to be there the next minute. They think that they have already gotten what they are searching for. When they want to build a house they don’t see themselves building the house they see themselves living in that house that is to be built. They think as if the dream has already come true.

12) Millionaires consider patience as genius: most people don’t have patience. Patience is a gift that is greatly required in business. Most choices made by millionaires are risks that need to be carefully evaluated and looked at. All that takes time and requires careful examinations. If you want to become a millionaire you must make sure that you practice patience as your best gift. Practice it because it does not come easy.

13) Millionaires go for what they want: millionaires are not people who mostly depend on luck. The word maybe is not in their vocabulary. Millionaires have what they want at the end of the mind and that is what they go for without any doubt. You should be prepared to go for what you want and not depend on luck. You should make sure that when you begin the searches of what you want then you end up with it.
Serious MoneyImage via Wikipedia
14) Millionaires don’t look at where they have been but where they are heading: millionaires were not born millionaires, they are not born they are made. All of us have a story to give and mostly where we have come from is not good but
why don’t we look at where we are heading? Most of us let the past happenings affect our future. The bad past makes us believe that we can never change or nothing good can come from us. It’s time we started thinking of the good that can come from us. God did not create us to become failures but winners so no matter what we should always know that we are in the winning team.

15) Millionaires enjoy what they have so that they can be happier with more: if you don’t enjoy what you have now, how can you enjoy more? Be happy with what you have and be thankful for it so that God can give you more. All of us want abundance but it will only come when we learn to appreciate what we have. Be happy and enjoy the little that you have. Work a little harder so that you can get more and enjoy that too.

16) Millionaires not only do things right, they do the right things too: they make sure that they do the right things and not things right. Doing the right thing makes sure that you get what you have fairly without hurting anybody at all. Millionaires make sure that they don’t bang the door behind them because they might want to go back through that door. Make sure that though your journey of success you do the right things and correctly so that you can be blessed and not curry a lot of guilt on your shoulders. Make sure that you never get to pay for any wrong doing.

17) Millionaires are always thankful to God: God is the giver of everything and whatever he gives, he gives with love. No matter how much little you have, appreciate for it. Not many people have what you have but the fact remains that we all have a common giver who is God and we should always be thankful to him for what he has provided for us. Never underestimate what God gives you; He might be planning to triple that tomorrow.

18) Millionaires never under estimate their worth: you are worth so much and you know it. You can do so much if only you believe in yourself enough. Never underestimate what you can do because nobody else has your special gift. We are all unique in our own ways and we should try as much as we can and practice our uniqueness so that we can see where it takes us. Never underestimate your worth; you can do so much more.

19) Millionaires create multiple streams of income: all millionaires club have a back up business that they can look at when things get a little difficult, they have two or more businesses that they can always get their income form if one is not doing okay. They always make sure that they have multiple incomes so that they can support each other when one of them is not doing well. It is very important to have such incomes so that you never have to eat into your assets when you have a necessity; the profit from the different income generating streams is enough to cover that.

20) Millionaires enrich themselves while enriching others: the secret behind receiving is giving. You must give in order to receive. Most millionaires are ready to help and give to those who don’t have or those who are less fortunate. Giving is receiving, you give and then you receive. Make sure that you give/ share what you have. Be ready to help out and you will see how you will be blessed by God.

21) Millionaires always believe that they are worth becoming millionaires: to become a millionaire you have to believe that you are worth becoming one. God gives us what we want and ask from him so we should be ready to become what we want. Millionaires believe that they only have to become millionaires and so they work towards that. That makes it all easy because they know what they want and they are ready to become that. Believe that you are worth becoming a millionaire and you will become one, your thoughts are very important.

22) Millionaires have mentors: a mentor is someone that is there to teach you what you do not know; a mentor is meant to fill in the gaps that you yourself cannot fill. All millionaires have learnt to become millionaires from somebody who is already a millionaire. You should have somebody to teach you what you do not know. We are all learners and we have to learn something from somebody so we should have somebody or something to learn from. A mentor doesn’t have to be a person; it can be a book or even an experience as long as it’s there to teach you something.

23) Millionaires have the will to win: if you have the will to win, then you are already a winner halfway. All millionaires start by becoming winners in mind. You all have to be ready to run the whole race and finish it. Don’t start something that you know very well you won’t finish. The end is not the beginning. The end is a little challenging because you have already gone through so many challenges and this may cause many people to end up giving up or quitting. We should all have the will to win.

24) Millionaires have confidence in their own opinion: if you don’t believe in your own opinion then nobody else will believe in it. Millionaires make a choice that their opinion is the one that matters and it’s the one that comes first. Millionaires are good listeners but at the same time they make sure that as they listen to people judge their opinions they themselves have supported them first. We should all believe in our opinions, stand by them and not let anybody bring them down.
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Million Dollar Licensing: Aid To Grow Present Item Lines

Guest Author: Lens Stokes

The attraction of Million Dollar Licensing trademarks for enterprise intentions appears being at an all-time higher, generally inside the style arena in which customers are getting a lot more licensed products and brand name names than ever prior to. For retailers, Million Dollar Licensing chances offer them using a point of distinction from their competitors.

Broadway show billboards at the corner of 7th ...Image via WikipediaMillion Dollar Licensing is leasing a legally protected property (like trademarked or copyrighted brand, logo, likeness, character, phrase or design) to an additional party in combination using a item, assistance or promotion. It is a process which lays stress on consumer management, advancement of brand name equity in line with international imagery, supplying proper buying ambience and possibly is much less about manufacturing. Million Dollar Licensing can be a way of growing with an previously established brand name. It offers the brand name recall advantages, which aren't achievable in circumstance a single comes out using a brand name new image.

You can find several types of Million Dollar Licensing enterprise like art & style, corporate brands, events, fashion brands, food & drink, institutional, magazine brands, music, personalities, sports and television Million Dollar Licensing to brand several.

The positive aspects of Million Dollar Licensing for licensors

The main advantage for a licensor is the facility to use and develop its brand name or property.

Million Dollar Licensing can achieve this by: 
 Improving its brand name existence at a retail or distribution outlet.Making further brand name perception to assistance its core products or services.Supplying and increasing its core values through various links with the licensed products/service or category.

. Coming into new markets (customer or geographical) which were unfeasible with its own strengths.
. Making new revenue flows, generally with little involvement or further financial resources.

The advantage of Million Dollar Licensing for licensees

The main advantage for a licensee (particularly maker or retailer) is the capability to considerably upsurge consumer interest in and sales of its items or services.

Million Dollar Licensing can achieve this by:

. Shifting the values and customer favour towards the licensed product or assistance.
. Supplying added value and differentiation inside the competitive market.
. Offering further marketing assistance or speed from the core property's activity given by the licensor.
. Attracting new target markets who have not been paid attention in a licensee's item or assistance.
. Supplying credibility for shifting into new market sectors through item extension.
. Attaining further retail space and favor.

Million Dollar Licensing: The increasing scenario worldwide

Reviewing the year-after-year worldwide retail sales from 2000 to 2004, the Million Dollar Licensing enterprise this year has shown an increase. In general, 2004 anticipated worldwide retail sales of licensed enterprise increased 1.5 per cent to $175.3 billion against 2003 $172.7 billion, with the USA making nearly $110 billion (nearly $5.805 billion in royalties) and Europe $34 billion. In UK, the brand name Million Dollar Licensing industry is worth approximately £7billion in retail and £368million in royalties.

Recently several international textile-garment-apparel production companies are in news due to their Million Dollar Licensing agreement with several other companies.

Everlast Worldwide Inc, which can be a men's and women's apparel and accessories seller, recently announced signing a new four-year license agreement with Jacques Moret Inc of New York City. As of January 1, 2006, this new agreement grants Moret, a major supplier to the US apparel market, a license for Everlast men's activewear, sportswear, outerwear and swimwear inside the United States. Moret will partner with M. Hidary and Business Inc for design, advancement and sales of the activewear portion of the license. M. Hidary has achieved great success with its vast experience inside the men's branded activewear enterprise. They will purchase certain men's apparel inventory owned by Everlast and assume other transitional costs associated with the men's enterprise. Additionally, certain key sales, merchandising and operational personnel will join the new group.

Burnaby, B.C.-based ID Wear, a group of Pimlico Apparel, has recently received the sole license for the manufacture, design and sale of the Playboy brand name of high-end denims for the North American market. Pimlico produces denim products for its own brands, ID Wear and private labels such as Nordstrom's and Harley-Davidson. Moreover, ID Wear is the first North American business to offer laser logoing on its garments.

Marvel Enterprises, Inc., a global character-based entertainment Million Dollar Licensing business & millionaires club, recently declared that it is strengthening its important apparel Million Dollar Licensing enterprise with leading partners Kids Headquarters (as master apparel licensee) and Mad Engine (which will spearhead t-shirts and tops). This statement means a brand name new partnership with Kids Headquarters and an expanded relationship with Mad Engine.

New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street in New ...Image via Wikipedia
Juicy Couture has partnered with Sàfilo Group for a full eyewear collection that it will introduce in spring 2006. A budget-priced set of sunglasses and ophthalmic eyewear for men will also be introduced via an agreement between style brand name Haggar Clothing Co. and The Feldman Corporation's I-dealoptics division.

Aviation and military-inspired leather outerwear and sportswear brand name Avirex signed a multi-year license agreement with Kids Headquarters for sportswear and outerwear for boys.

Outerwear and Sportswear Business G-III Apparel Group obtained privately held outerwear companies Marvin Richards and Winlit Group Ltd. G-III now possesses licenses for Calvin Klein and Guess men's and women's outerwear, Tommy Hilfiger leather outerwear, London Fog and Pacific Trail.

Top 5 Children's Apparel Character Licenses: 2004

1. Winnie the Pooh & Friends
2. Disney Princess
3. Spider-Man
4. Mickey Mouse & Friends
5. SpongeBob SquarePants

Sesame Workshop and Pearl Izumi, an athletic-wear producer, have tied up to launch Sesame Street cycling jerseys and socks. Through a Million Dollar Licensing agreement with plus-size apparel maker Bodywaves, Inc., Champion has set up Champion Plus, a full line of women's activewear that covers both performance fitness and "ath-leisure" styles. Warner Bros. Consumer Items and Tunk Limited., a CINQ Group brand name, have partnered to make tops, jackets and head wear.

Million Dollar Licensing practice in India on a rise.

Nowadays, several Indian textiles companies are entering into Million Dollar Licensing agreements with international brands, leading to the growth of the concept of enterprise through Million Dollar Licensing.

Gokaldas Images Ltd, which owns and markets the apparel brand name Weekender, has signed an agreement with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for Million Dollar Licensing and marketing the apparels with the WWE logos inside the domestic market. A successful form of Million Dollar Licensing - sports Million Dollar Licensing, has developed into a multi¬billion dollar systematic enterprise and has increased its scope to sporting events like WWE, the Olympics, EURO, Cricket and Soccer World Cups. It's estimated that a single fifth of the WWE's $ 300 million per annum profit is achieved by Million Dollar Licensing. Moreover, Weekender - Gokaldas Images Ltd. markets the Enamour lingerie as well.

Character and entertainment Million Dollar Licensing too has benefited in last handful of decades, making billions of dollars of profits each year.

S. Kumars is planning to introduce six new international brands into the country and it is looking towards a long-term partnership with these international textile brands.

Recently, Indus Clothing Ltd signed a Million Dollar Licensing agreement with Disney cConsumer Items (DCP) to produce its kids' wear brand name Disney cJeans in India. This deal will permit Indus Clothing Ltd to venture into standalone retail stores for the complete product line covering the Disney brand name. The business intends to invest about Rs. 21 crore to establish 20 standalone Disney jeans outlets by the end of 2007 and 50 outlets the following year. Their main focus is to put up a strong retail network for the brand name and subsequently plan to develop and maintain a consistent brand name image. Indus Clothing Ltd is also the licensee for Lee Cooper apparel to market their items in India.

Madura Garments possesses the world license for three brands namely, Louis Philippe, Allen Solly and Peter England. It has now also come into a strategic tie-up with the fast-growing brand name Esprit, with an objective of strengthening its brand name portfolio in key segments like women's segment, premium relaxed clothes segment and accessories. An Italian brand name that is synonymous with MTV, UMM (Underground Music Movement) has joined Pantaloon, a single of India's largest retail chain stores.

American inner wear brand name Jockey entered the Indian market in 1998 through a marketing arrangement with Bangalore based Page Apparels. Besides the normal production and distribution rights in India, the brand name also has a buyback arrangement with the parent business.

The Shirt Business (TSC) has been granted the license by the owner of the Barbie brand name - Mattel, to make and retail Barbie apparel in India. For this it works closely with Smith & Brooks, the official licensee for Barbie clothing inside the European market. Moreover, the apparel division of the Forbes Gokak Group is the licensee for brands like Daks, Trussardi and Savile Row.

Tommy Hilfiger entered the Indian market through a joint venture between the Murjani Group and the Arvind Mills. Called the Arvind Murjani Brands Private Limited, AMB has the Million Dollar Licensing agreement for marketing and distributing Tommy Hilfiger apparel in India. The Murjani Group, located in New York, was established in 1930 by B K Murjani. By 1958, using a production of over 10 million units per annum, Murjani's became a single of the biggest apparel producers inside the world.

It was inside the early 1970s, when Murjani initiated brand name brand advancement and marketing. Over the years, the group has widened and introduced a range of major global brands, such as Gloria Vanderbilt, Coca-Cola Clothes and Tommy Hilfiger. Fashion retailer French Connection UK has firmed its plans to launch the brand name in India. The business is assumed being in talks for the licensee deal with Vijay Murjani, Murjani Group.

Several companies prefer Million Dollar Licensing in order to reinforce brand name image, create recognition and build brand name equity. Million Dollar Licensing is the enterprise arrangement in which the proprietor of the 'product', 'trade mark' or 'brand' allows some other group to use its brand name brand in return for specified royalties or payment.

Recently, the government of India has approved the UK-based kids' care retail chain Mother care Pic's offer you to set up a 100 per cent subsidiary in India with an investment of Rs 32.25 crore. The Indian division will locate and purchase textile and garments from local traders and would promote the same in India through franchise operation with third party enterprise associates.

Mother care has previously provided a license to Shopper's Stop to use its trade mark and brand name brand on the products being supplied by its Indian subsidiary to the retail major for sale and distribution in India.

Indian players have used the Million Dollar Licensing practice after the huge success of the strategy inside the international market. The inclination for making enterprise through Million Dollar Licensing has assisted several companies to post some big alternations of the otherwise 'own brand name extension' concept. Oxford Industries, Inc. is an illustration of how a business can get bigger with Million Dollar Licensing. The business can be a diversified international producer, licensee and wholesale marketer of branded and private label apparel for men, women and children.

Oxford offers retailers and customers using a huge variety of apparel products and services to suit their individual requirements. Its major brands cover Tommy Bahama, Indigo Palms, Island Soft, Ben Sherman, Ely and Walker and Oxford Golf. These brands are offered in national chains, specialty catalogues, mass merchants, department stores, specialty stores and Internet retailers. The business also has exclusive licenses to make and sell numerous product categories under the Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Geoffrey Beene, Slates, Dockers and Oscar de la Renta labels.

Fashion Million Dollar Licensing is largely divided into two categories: apparel brands and designer names. The priority of fashion Million Dollar Licensing is brand name extension, which is mainly obtained by designers through Million Dollar Licensing products other than their main apparel lines. Calvin Klein remains a single of the premier examples for this type of Million Dollar Licensing agreement, as its income tripled after adopting such a marketing strategy.

In 1997, Million Dollar Licensing, which is responsible for a lot more than 90 per cent of the label's sales, has now made the brand's global retail volume of about $ 5 billion from $ 2.1 billion in 1994. Several international brands catering to Indian players for Million Dollar Licensing can be a clear signal that a market which was premature a couple of years back, has now been accepted by the entire enterprise community and will reach to its maximum level inside the coming years. Million Dollar Licensing prospects now exist in all spheres. Leading international names that offer you huge chances to harness the power of their brand are Warner Bros, You and Me Baby, Nickelodeon, Barcode Kitties and BBC Worldwide, that is famous for operating brand name names like Teletubbies, Tweenies and Fimbles.
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Why Thousands Of Individual Content Publishers Are Set To Join The Millionaires Club

Guest post
Author: Tuks Engineer

Internet Map. Ninian Smart predicts global com...Image via WikipediaIn the next few years, some of the wealthiest people in the world will be created - and do you know what they'll have in common? They'll all be content publishers.

In this article, we discuss the potential in this industry, whether you really can be a one-man publisher, which niches are best suited for content and what you need in order to get started.

Why Individual Content Publishers Are Generating Returns That Border On The Realms Of Fantasy.

There's two things you must keep in mind. First, we live in the information age, and nothing is more topical or in-demand in this era than quality information. Second, over the past decade people have moved onto the internet in their millions - and what's the internet all about? That's right - information.

This is exactly why online content publishers are supremely placed to take advantage of the massive information boom that we're experiencing today. You see, information as a "product" is a beauty. It has a near 100% pro-fit margin, and with the technology today it's possible for content publishers to employ several different in-come models to suit the market & prospect. Where once we only had standard affiliate programs, we now have a suite of monetisation options such as contextual (Adsense), pay-per-lead and so on.

How To Pick A Niche That's Perfectly Suited To Information?

Affiliate marketing illustration by User:xDani...Image via WikipediaIf only you could just pick any old niche, set-up a site and watch the green roll in eh? I'm afraid it's not quite as simple as that and one of the most fatal mistakes aspiring content publishers make is in choosing the wrong niche to publish their content sites in. Even a really good content site in a poor niche will fail, while a terrible one in a red-hot niche will flourish. It's sad but true.

Want to know the three niches that are the best I've ever seen for content publishers? The ones where a simple content or blog can generate truly sensational yields? Internet marketing is NOT one of them (it's not bad, just not a top-five niche). In my view, the best three are:
- Finance & investment
- Real estate
- Travel

The reason for this lies mainly in the way that monetisation is possible within these niches. For example, finance & investment has some big ticket affiliate programs where commissions of $600+ per sale are not uncommon.

Travel is perfectly suited to Adsense while real estate has some wonderful pay per lead opportunities (this is when you get paid every time a visitor does something like download a free ebook or fill out a free application form - the beauty being your visitor doesn't need to pay anything for you to get a commission).

What Do You Need To Get Started With Content Publishing Immediately?

We've seen the potential, and the importance of cherry-picking only the most lucrative markets. Now comes the process of actually setting up the content website. Here are your basic options:
(a) If you're technically sound and have enough time you can do this from scratch using a html editor like Frontpage.

(b) If you have the resources, you can hire a web-designer to create & publish your sites for you.

(c) Invest in a point & click type content publishing tool. The advantage here is you don't need any coding knowledge and the tool allows you to create search engine friendly pages and easily add in advanced features like RSS feeds, opt-in form creation, affiliate code integration and so on.

The really exciting thing is that individuals like you and I are becoming wealthy beyond their wildest imagination by setting up as content publishers and developing websites & blogs that continue to bring in residual incomes while they focus on the next project. And they're doing it on their laptops at home, while watching MTV.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

How to Win Euro Millions

Hot Lotto logoImage via Wikipedia
You Deserve a Win!

How do you get most of the Euro Millions numbers and win big money?

How to win Euro millions continued from earlier article titled, " Euro Millions Winning Strategies"

That was the last question in the earlier article. That article articulated how you can pick three numbers from one row and go for the rest of the numbers. The remaining numbers are the loose end we need to tighten in this article.
If you go through past Euro Millions lottery results you will find instances where the Euro Millions winning numbers fall between 1 and 30. You will, in fact, find instances where the numbers do actual fall between 1 and twenty.
On more complex calculations, there are cases you need to catch the Euro Millions numbers regardless of where they may fall. You need to have the right calculation in place to win the numbers.

For your chance to win Millions toady go to Millionaires Club slot online today and spin to win!

Go to Euro Millions Board and check number 32 on the Euro Millions winning numbers of 11/19/2010. Please equally check the Euro Millions Board numbers 9 and 41 of 11/26/2010. Now draw a line in forward slash format. The line will touch numbers 9, 10, 32, 41 and 13.

The last two Euro Millions result had numbers 32, 9 and 49 among them. What is left to complete the underlined numbers above will be 10 and 13. This is essence put numbers 10 and 13 in play. Remember that you chose three numbers in earlier article, unless you did otherwise. You now have additional two numbers (10 and 13) to work with.

Recent Euro Millions lottery results
9 28 36   41   49 5     7
12 15   32   36 45   7 9
7 19   23 29   47 1 6
21   23   33 40   50   4     5
16  20  22  32  42  8    9
4    5    9    11  39  3    5
2    31  36  38  43  3    7

Study the board, sit back and enjoy the ride.
Euro Millions Board
X          X          21        10        20        13        16        15
23        19        31        49        41        11        38        19
13        30        1         32        10        33        26        31
31        36        10        13        22        20        11        21
34        9         42

Winning ticket - Oz Lotto 90 millionImage by avlxyz via FlickrYou will notice numbers 31 and 36 among Euro Millions winning numbers of October 15, 2010. Two results later they had 19 and 23 among Euro Millions results of November 11, 2010. In both cases, those numbers occupied columns 2 and 3 of their respective rows. Please pay close attention here.

In the Euro Millions Board, those numbers occupied column 1 and 2 of their respective rows. In the Euro Millions Board, those will be second and fourth rows. What is left then will be the third and fifth rows.  This will now put 34 and 9 in play for the fifth row while 13 and 30 will be in play for the third row. Remember that we have identified number 13 two paragraphs ago. It is only reinforcing the argument at this point. You will now eliminate 13 this second time around. You will now have numbers 34, 9 and 30 in play. When combined with the first one you will have 10, 13, 34, 9 and 30 in play.

If you look through Euro millions results of 10/22/2010, 10/29/2010 and 11/21/2010, you will notice Euro Millions Lottery numbers 11, 20 and 21 respectively.

In the Euro Millions Board, you will notice those numbers in row 4. That row now puts numbers 22 and 31 in play. Please make sure you write these numbers down as you read this article. There is another potential left in the Euro Millions Board. We will let the readers pick that one. Let us know the potential numbers left out. Every student of Euro Millions Board does participate. It will come handy later.

With due diligence, you can win Euro Millions BIG TIME.

It's a marathon, not a sprint.


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Saturday, November 27, 2010

What would you do with $1.5 Million Dollars

Image by Mr. Kimberly via FlickrThat's the rising question for many excited players around the globe watching the Millionaires Club slot once again rise to online fame! The Millionaires Club is an online progressive slot plugged into only a select handful of reputable online casinos. 

Although this progressive is popular to online gaming sites, it is an entity in itself that shows it can grow it's own popularity world wide. The rising question posed by many players around the world is "what would I do if I won $1.5 million dollars?" but you have to be in it to win it and until then - the question remains for anyone to own...
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